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A warm water soak also dilates your blood vessels further increasing circulation. So, endorphins and oxygen flow more freely all over your body not only blocking pain but also bringing more oxygen and white blood cells to relieve inflammation, relax muscles, and promote cell renewal and healing.

Also, as you enter your warm water tub, your body appreciates another of natures wonders… buoyancy. In water you feel like you weigh less, up to 90% less! This near “weightlessness” reduces the compression and tension all over your submerged body… your joints, your heart, your blood, and your muscles.

With all this pressure removed from our joints, organs and muscles, we feel much lighter and pain is reduced, our range of motion increases and our flexibility is better.

Obviously, soaking in a tub of warm water brings you many, many bodily benefits.

"But, it gets better. By adding motion to buoyancy and warm water, we elevate the enjoyment and effectiveness of the bath".

Motion triggers touch receptors on the skin, which help to further increase blood circulation and to stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps speed up the elimination of toxins. Motion also helps loosen tight muscles, relaxes tension, and reduces stress.

Scientists have now discovered that warm water baths calm the mind and ease troubled emotions. Baths reduce the causes of stress. As the mind clears and stresses reduce, positive energy fills the void and pleasure, relaxation, bathing bliss are yours to enjoy.
Why a Walk In Bathtub?

Walk In Tubs promote a greater sense of independence and pleasure through elegant design, innovation, and safety solutions

Walk In Bathtubs come equipped with a number of a safety features like a low entry threshold, aided by safety grab bar(s) and textured floor ensuring a safe and easy entry in and out of bathtub

Similar experience to owning a hot tub but far less costly without the toxic chemicals

Natural Pain Relief

When you get into a tub of perfectly heated water, your body immediately appreciates the warm temperature. Your body reacts to the warm water by releasing endorphins, your body's natural pain killers. The warm water warms your blood, which allows it to circulate better throughout your body and to deliver the endorphins to your painful joints and muscles.
Our Air Spa Hydrotherapy System
provides a soothing massage without the use of powerful harsh whirlpool gets
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